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Korea-Japan Joint Forum (KJF) started with members of 30 in 1989. Now this forum is surprisingly expanded as the international conference for the exchange of information about recent advances in organic materials for electronics and photonics, and several bio-applications. Korea and Japan are leading countries in the field of organic electronics and photonics, which influences even world economy now a day. In a sense, we are responsible for the sustainable growth of this field for the future of Asia. I believe, the collaboration and competition between Korea and Japan has been creating positive synergetic effect, by which continuous growth of this scientific field has been promoted in the past decades.

Recently, the topics of conference are diversified from the basic studies such as fabrication and characterization of thin films, interfacial phenomena, spectroscopy, and single-molecule manipulations, to the application-oriented studies, such as LEDs, FETs, memory devices, solar cells, batteries, biochips, biosensors and so on.

It is our great pleasure and honor to host the 2016 KJF International Conference on Organic Materials for Electronics and Photonics (KJF-ICOMEP 2016) in Fukuoka, in Kyushu Island, Japan.

We are fully confident that all participants from academy or industry will benefit a great deal from this opportunity of scientific exchange provided by KJF-ICOMEP 2016. Especially, the attendances of young motivated researchers and students are highly encouraged. The conference will provide you excellent opportunities for sharing ideas, stimulating discussions, and information exchange not only for scientists from Korea and Japan but also for scientists from all over the world.

We look forward to meeting you in Fukuoka, Japan, on September 4-7, 2016!

Kaoru Tamada, Conference chair of KJF-ICOMPE 2016